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September 2017

P4/5 have been making parachutes.  Then they dropped hard boiled eggs to see which parachute was the best.


February 2017

P3/4 shared their songs, poems and instrument with the folk of Drumdarroch Care Home.  The pupils did a great performance and it was enjoyed by everyone.


November 2016

In the spring P3/4 created this wild flower garden.  Now that it is autumn they are tidying it up before winter.


March 2016

P3/4 have been studying rainforest animals and creating paintings in the style of Nick Gustafson.


February 2016

P3/4 are stuck in the ‘Jungle – Get Me Out Of Here’ for their rainforest themed topic.

Everyone in the school celebrated Burns through poetry, songs, music and food.


We all participated in the Great School Birdwatch for the RSPB

Bird watch craft

December 2015

P3/4 practised their weighing and measuring skills when they made these tasty Christmas cookies for everyone


September 2015

P3/4 are getting to know each other while they find out more about their community.


June 2015

P3-5 enjoy learning in lots of different ways.  They have learned about the Vikings, their healthy body and the Caribbean.